Lost Sounds - A Foreign Play (Lost Lost, Goner, 2012)
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Still I'm Sad (1975, Polydor)

Lost Sounds - No Count (Lost Lost, Goner, 2012)
Hevy Gunz - Pakistani Bliss
Puffy Areolas - 1982 (1982: Dishonorable Discharge, Hozac, 2012)
Black Bug - Shards of Glass (Police Helicopter 7", 2011, Hozac)

The LiminanasLonganisse (Crystal Anis, Hozac, 2012)
Black Devil - Timing, forget the timing (Disco Club, 1975)
Silver Apples - I have known love, A pox on you
The Space Lady - Ghost Riders in the sky

Stinky Toys - Sun Sick (plastic faces, 1977)
4Skins - Betrayed (a fistful of 4skins, 1983, syndicate records)
Red Alert - There's a guitar burning (we've got the power, 1983, no future records)

Begins at 1:30 with Saigon Rock n Soul (Sublime Frequencies)

Elvis Phương –Bài Ca Ngông (The Crazy Song)
Carol Kim –Cái Trâm Em Cài (Your Hair Clip)


Geza X and the Mommymen - I Hate Punks (You Goddamn Kids)
Tyvek - Nothing Fits, Outer Limits (Nothing Fits, In The Red, 2010)
Zounds - Can't Cheat Karma (Curse of Zounds, Rough Trade, 1982)
Le Shok - White Outs (S&M 7", Slamdance Cosmopolis, 2001) 
The Ex - E.M Why (History is What's Happening 1982), Rock n Roll -Stoel (Singles. Period. The Vinyl Years 1980-90)
Cheveu - like a deer in the headlights (1000, Born Bad, 2011)

Headache City - Tearjerker (S/T, Shit Sandwich, 2005)
Chixdiggit - Song for -R- (S/T, 1996, Subpop)

Heavy Times - Electronic Cigarette 
Tonstartssbandht - Midnite Cobras (7", Psychic Handshake, 2010)
**meant to play purling hiss here and forgot, it comes at the end. it would have fit here. 

Mission of Burma - New Nails 
TV Ghost - Subterfuge 
Purling Hiss - Don't Even Try it (Public Service Announcement, Woodsist, 2010)