SEX CHURCH - Hidden Hand (Somnambulist EP, Psychic Handshake/Instant Pleasure, 2012)

SLIM TWIG - Hidden Ego (Sof' Sike, Paper bag Records, 2012)

FOCKEWULF 190 - Gitano (1984)

SMACK - Manic Depression (Smack, Shadoks Music, 1968 reish, 2012)

SEX CHURCH - Slipped (Somnambulist EP, Psychic Handshake/Instant Pleasure, 2012)

ANDROID SISTERS - Money, Money, Money 

WET HAIR - Strange Romance (Spill into Atmosphere, De Stjil, 2012)

THE SPITS - Army Life

FOSTER CARE - The Life of Riley (Bad Vibe City, Jackshack, 2012)

ZOUNDS - Can't Cheat Karma (Curse of Zounds)

THE YOUNG - Don't Hustle for Love


It's All Meat - Crying into the Deep

Master Apes - Sex Therapy

Wild Man Fischer - It's a Money World

Swell Maps - Border Country

Uncle Bad Touch - I Wanna Love You, Baby Baby Baby Baby (ST, 2011, Infinity Cat Recordings)

Slim Twig Band - STill the Same, LaBeija Pen'Davis (Sof' Sike, 2012, Paper Bag Recordings)

Iron Curtain - The Condos

Human Eye - Rare Little Creature (Fragments of the Universe Nurse, 2008, Hook or Crook)

Plastic Bastard - Demons

Bobb Trimble - Your Little Pawn 

Mr. Airplane Man - Not Living At All, Uptight

The Scientists - It's Never Happen Again


October 01th, 2012


First 3 tracks from

RE/Search Publications Incredibly Strange Music Volume 2 

1. Del Close & John Brent - Introduction
2. Jean Jacques Perrey - Gossipo Perpetuo
3. Ken Nordine - Green

The Android Sisters - Dumb is Fun (the best of the android sisters, 2006, EM)
The Scientists - Another Sunday (ST, 1981)
The Nervebreakers - My Life is Ruined
The Young - Don't Hustle for Love (Dubb Egg, Matador, 2012)

Suicide - Mr. Ray (Second Album, 1980)
Brian Eno and John Cale - Empty Frame (Wrong way up, 1990)
The Drones - Underdog (further temptations)
Clone Defects - Procrastination Baby (shapes of venus, 2003, in the red)
Wunderbach - Aujourd'hui dans la Rue (82/84)
Faith - Confusion (The Faith Void Split)
PiL - F.F.F (album, 1986) 

Charlie Tweddle - Untitled
Elizabeth Cotton - Shake Sugaree (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, 2004)