Winter Weather



COME ON ^^ (L-R: George Elliot, Jamie Kaufman, Elena Glasberg)

The Pork Dukes - My Mother Gave Me a Gun for Christmas (All the Filth!, comp. 1999, Vinyl Japan) 

Toy Love - Don't Ask Me (Live at the Gluepot [Friday September 12th 1980], 2012, Goner)

Buck-Tick - Fly High (Hurry Up Mode, 1987, Taiyo Records)

Slug Guts - Adult Living (Playin' in Time with the Deadbeat, 2012, Sacred Bones)

Come On - Old People (The Come On Story: New York City 1976-1980, comp. reish 2000 on Heliocentric)

Gruppo Sportivo - UFO (Pop! Goes the Brain, 1981, Ariola)

Meercaz - Future News (S/T, 2009, Gulcher)

Sex Church - Slipped, Wrong Side (Somnambulist EP, 2012, Psychic Handshake/Instant Pleasure)

The Gris Gris - Winter Weather (S/T, 2004, Birdman)

Charles Manson - Ego (Charles Manson Sings, 2006 release on ESP Disc)

Vein Cranes - True Believer (7", 2011, Florida's Dying)

Battalion of Saints - Fair Warning (Second Coming, 1984, Nutrons Records)

Bad Brains - Sailin' On (S/T, 1982, ROIR)

The Misfits - Bloodfeast (Earth A.D, 1983, Plan 9)

Casco - Cybernetic Love (12", 1983, House of Music)


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